A story for a children’s picture book: Kitty Kitty

This is a story that will be turned into a picture book. The thoughts and musings of the “giants” are not included here, so if it seems incomplete, that’s because it is. I will continue to work on this little project. Meanwhile, enjoy!


Kitty Kitty liked to play with her brothers and sisters, who were also called Kitty Kitty. At least, that’s what the giants who came to visit called them.

“Here, Kitty Kitty!” They cooed.

Her brothers and sisters would stand proudly, chins high and tails swaying indifferently. Only their purrs of pleasure betrayed their true feelings.

But she loved to run towards the giants and tug at their clothes, being picked up and cuddled. She was putty in their hands.

“Kitty Kitty, what are you doing? That is no way for a proper cat to behave.” Her brothers and sisters frowned at her and sniffed at the air. They did not like that she was so cute and playful.

“What do you mean? I like playing with the giants.”

One of her brothers padded forward and hissed in her face.

“I’ll show you how a proper cat behaves.” He looked around at the giants leaning in to touch them and approached one of the smaller ones. He sat and stared at the giant squarely in the face. When he was picked up he immediately dug in his claws, mewled and struggled to get free. When he was dropped down again, he stared at the small giant, as if sizing it up, before head butting it and walking away.

He licked a paw in satisfaction.

“That’s how a proper cat behaves. You can’t let them do whatever they want with you. You have to show them who’s boss.”

Kitty Kitty didn’t quite believe her brothers and sisters and continued being playful. She melted in the arms of each giant that picked her up, not making a sound.

Every day that passed, the feistiest of her brothers and sisters were taken away to new homes and she grew sadder. When there were only three of them left she decided to take her brothers and sisters’ advice.

A giant picked her up. She dug in her claws and climbed higher. But it was a long way down and she sank her face in the crook of the giant’s neck. It held her firmly but gently and brought her up to its face. Kitty Kitty couldn’t resist. Her little tongue licked the giant’s nose.

The giant said something she could not understand. Soon she was in a box on her way to her new home and Kitty Kitty knew she was loved just the way she was.

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