Fiction – News Article: Massive Traffic Jam on Interstate Highway, by Prisca

If you did not have to take the interstate highway today—consider yourself lucky. Authorities are still attempting to unravel the circumstances which led to a traffic standstill earlier this morning.

“We sent one of our helicopters to check out the scene. No other air traffic is allowed in the area and no further information will be released until the video from that flight is examined”, said a nervous Blossom County Sheriff Mathers, refusing further comment.

Early reports included a 911 call from one of the drivers, apparently near the source of the standstill, where a distraught woman is asking for help:

“Please…we need help…it just opened up…the children!” The call is then interrupted by static noise, apparently from a dead cell phone battery.

Minutes after the 911 call was released to the media, the police department issued a statement concerning the 911 call:

“We have managed to trace the call to another area of the city and established it was a prank. Again, the 911 call released to the media is in no way related to the traffic problem and the people behind the prank call have been apprehended.”

At the scene, people are being escorted from their vehicles and that section of the highway is being cordoned off. The K-9 unit has also arrived at the scene. It has so far been impossible for any news crew to see what lies at the center of the commotion.

Witnesses earlier today said they did not see what happened, but many claim to have seen approximately five individuals who were steered into nearby ambulances.

“I saw one of them dead-on”, said Lucy Pike, a Blossom native, after being escorted from her car, “It was an older man, maybe 65 years old, and his eyes were…I don’t know, weird. It was as if they were looking not just at me, but into me and through me. Like he could see everything and nothing at all. It was creepy.”

What did anyone see? What happened today at the interstate highway to cause such trauma and mystery? Please send us your comments or pictures if you were near the area. We will continue to report as this story develops.

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One Response to Fiction – News Article: Massive Traffic Jam on Interstate Highway, by Prisca

  1. MC says:

    Dude, now I have to know! What happened?

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