Hollow Fields, by Madeleine Rosca

Hollow Fields by Madeleine Rosca
Vol. 1-3
GoManga/ Seven Seas

In this world, the children of mad scientists are sent to a special school, called Hollow Fields, to study the art of becoming a great evil mad scientist. The school is run by Miss Weaver and her mechanical engineers. The kids take classes like grave robbing, anatomy experiments and killer robot construction. All is fun and games until Friday comes, when the lowest achieving student is sent to detention in the mysterious Windmill. This is the way it’s been for years, until Lucy Snow arrives and one “lucky” child escapes from the Windmill. Just what is Miss Weaver working on? What happens to the students who go to detention? Will Lucy survive the school year?


I love the character designs for Miss Weaver, Miss Notch and Miss Ricketts. The robotic clockwork graphics created by Mrs. Rosca was what attracted me to this manga. Her attention to detail is fantastic. It’s also a nice twist to the school manga stoylines: a  school for mad scientist! How can you pass that up?

My favorite character is Miss Weaver. Her design is fabulous and her personality is perfect for a mad scientist school principal: impatient, cruel and ingenious. Of course, I get a kick out of having such a strong female character being in charge and bossing people around. Definitely a plus. Another thing I love about this series is that it starts and finishes in less than ten volumes. So many original American manga are left unfinished by creators or publishers that sometimes I hesitate to buy the first volume because I never know if it will continue. Others drag on in endless volumes and pretty soon your shelf is full of multiple volumes where, sincerely, there is not much plot advancement. My congratulations to Mrs. Rosca for creating and illustrating such an entertaining story. I look forward to her next series.

Hollow Fields is available from GoManga as both three separate volumes and an omnibus collection.





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