CHLA conference and author interview

It’s time for another conference!

The Children’s Literature Association is hosting their annual conference this week in Michigan:  Children’s Literature and Media. Here is the description, taken from their site: 

Many texts from various media now constitute children’s culture: novels, picture books, and poetry as well as video games, text messages, Facebook, television shows, and films. It is important that we expand our understanding of these child-oriented cultural forms and media platforms. Doing so expands the way we define and analyze children’s culture and, hopefully, provides new critical tools by which to understand children’s books. This conference, the 37th Annual Children’s Literature Association Conference, therefore seeks to illuminate the broader electronic children’s culture within which children’s literature exists and thus highlight the multivalent, dialectical relationship between literature and other media written for younger readers, viewers, and consumers.”

I’ll be tweeting the conference. The “official” hashtag is #chla10.
If you’re interested, feel free to follow me: @pm_rodriguez

Shameless self-promotion –> And if you’re attending, come join us, Thursday, June 10th, concurrent session 5: Prisca Rodriguez and Brian Trutschel, University of Florida: “Beyond Electronic Media: Dynamically Engaging Young Readers in Multi‐modal Environments”. 🙂

Author interview –>Finally, as part of the presentation, the fabulous Annie Fox agreed to an interview on her thoughts as to how electronic media has affected  the way children engage with reading and how it has impacted her as a reader/author. She also talks about choices she made about the format of her Middle School Confidential series. It’s an interview you don’t want to miss! (It will be available on the blog this Thursday, June 10th)

I hope you join the conversation in the blog and on Twitter. If you’re on Facebook, you can also join the CHLA unofficial page.

Have fun with children’s lit!


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