Ten Days and Nine Nights, by Yumi Heo

Rating: 5/5

A little girl marks a circle on the calendar. She has ten days and nine nights.

What is she waiting for?

Starting on May 1st, the reader accompanies the girl on her journey of ten days as she marks them off in the calendar. There are clues on every page as to what she could be waiting for so eagerly. Some of the things she does include saying goodbye to her mom at the airport; redecorating her room with her grandpa’s help; and practicing with a baby doll before, FINALLY, May 10 arrives, along with her mom and new sibling from Korea!

Yumi Heo’s story is a positive, heartwarming tale of adoption. It is written from the point of view of the little girl, which young readers can immediately relate with. The colorful, vivid illustrations emphasize the joy of family throughout the story. It’s a picture book you don’t want to miss.


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