Off to another conference!

I am off to another conference!

The 14th Annual Holmes Partnership Conference is being held this weekend in South Carolina. Presentations will address the issues associated with closing the achievement gap. Keynote speakers are: Pedro Noguera, Terry Peterson, Jennifer Murphy, and Melissa Watson.

I am looking forward to meeting other Holmes scholars and participate in discussions. I also plan on Tweeting about interesting information and resources, so if you are interested, I’m @pm_rodriguez.

If you are attending this conference and are wondering what presentations to go to, I’d be delighted if you attended our presentation on Friday from 1:15-2:30pm: Closing the gap: Engaging technology in academic societies. Dr. Lowery and I will talk about engaging students in hybrid and online courses in a way that integrates synthesis, analysis, image, sound, text and speech. We seek to promote social justice through cultural processes including: representation, identity and production.

We are sharing the 75 minute time slot with another presentation titled 21st Education: University Parternships Integrating Technology to Support Teachers and Increase Student Achievement, presented by Natalie Dopson, aJan Daugherty, Marisa Salazar and Wanda Wade from the University of Central Florida.

I’ll blog about the interesting information I learned when I get back. Have a great week!


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