Monday Challenge 10/05/09 – 10/17/09

Here are this week’s challenges! Remember, these challenges are now posted every two weeks. If you are curious about this challenge and want to know more/participate, please read this first.

Challenge for writers, by Bonet Graphic Designs

In keeping with the spirit of the month, you’re writing another Halloween story. This time, I want you to write a 500-1,000 words combining two of my favorite things: the Toy Story movies and Halloween. Feel free to use the characters from the movie or introduce new toys of your own.

Keep it PG please! PG-13 is okay too.

Challenge for graphic designers, by Prisca

Another Halloween challenge! (What can I say, it’s one of my favorite times of the year) Create an image for a poster that represents what Halloween means to you. The only words allowed on the poster are: Happy Halloween!

Keep it PG please! PG-13 is okay too.

Have fun!

Remember to post your story/design or link no later than Saturday 10/17/09 by 11:59 pm. If you want me to post it for you, please e-mail it to me before the deadline!
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