Once Upon A Cool Motorcycle Dude, by Kevin O’Malley, Ill. Carol Heyer & Scott Goto

Rating: 5/5

Rating: 5/5

The battle of the sexes IS ON!

I had so much fun reading this book, which is great for both boys and girls (Even older ones like me that are not in the grades 3-5 range!).

Two characters are struggling for control of a fairy tale that’s gone out of control. The girl begins telling the boy a story about a princess and her eight ponies. The boy is bored and decides to spice things up. He interrupts the girl and introduces a cool motorcycle dude who battles the evil giant who had stolen the princess’ ponies. Annoyed by the interruption and changes to the story, the girl interrupts the plot yet again. Now the princess takes matters into her own hands!

Silly as it sounds, when I shared this book with a friend, she read it out loud to me, changing voice and attitude as the characters struggled for control of their invented fairy tale. I laughed so much I was near tears!

This is really a great book to share and role-play. It also features different artistic styles and colors, which highlight the changes in tone and mood.

Overall, a 5/5 rating. Thanks for making me laugh!

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