Monday Challenge 8/31/09

Here are this week’s challenges!

If you are curious about this challenge and want to know more/participate, please read this first.

Challenge for writers, by Bonet Graphic Designs

This week you will write two mini-stories, (100-500 words), with the same sentence starter, but one is an exclamation and the other a statement. They set two very different moods. Let’s see where they take you!

Sentence starters:

1. I have such a headache!

2. I have such a headache.

Challenge for graphic designers, by Prisca

Create a logo for a martial arts school. It cannot have any realistic figures, only cartoon-like figures will do. The aim of the company is to attract as many local children as possible. The name of the school is: “Awesome Achievements Martial Arts”. Make sure to include the school’s name in the logo. Have fun!

Have fun!

Remember to post your story/design no later than Saturday by 11:59 pm. If you want me to post it for you, please e-mail it to me before the deadline!
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