Craft Supershow, 2009

This is different from what I usually include in this blog, but I just had to write about it!

The CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) held a Craft Super Show this weekend in Orlando, Florida. For a while now I had been looking forward to this show in the hopes of finding new crocheting needles and other crafty people who like amigurumi as much as I do (Don’t know what an amigurumi is? Check out my store).

While I had a lot of fun checking out new materials, buying supplies and making my own decorations for free (though not all businesses were smart enough to offer this), I was sorely disappointed to find only three yarn/knitting/crocheting booths, of which only one sold a good variety of yarns. The other two gave away knitting needles and patterns and had some supplies for sale. Not one had anything to do with amigurumi! Did I mention how disappointed I was?

The rest of the booths-I would say a good 90% of them-were all about scrapbooking. It should have been called the scrapbooking fair, with a few other crafts…Scrapbooking is ok, but it’s not something I am crazy about.

Oh, well, at least it was fun to attend. Here are some pictures of the crafts I was able to do for free at different “make and takes” throughout the show:

Styrofoam Deco
I completed this frame in no time thanks to the people from Floracraft who were kind enough to provide the cut Styrofoam, beautiful paper and other materials.

The bird pops out partially or completely out of its frame. If you are curious about the ribbon, I decided to take it with me so I could finish the frame at home. I have not gotten around to it!

I also got a free shirt and $5 gift card just for filling out a survey! Yay, Floracraft! (I love freebies). ( By the way, I went to the show with MC from Bonet Graphic Designs and she also created one of these. Check out her blog to see the images.)

Easy ArrangerThis next “make and take” I was able to do in a little under 5 minutes. It was so easy and the inventor of the product was one of the nicest people I met at the show (I’m sorry, I forgot her name!).

The wire contraption used to create this corsage is called the Easy Arranger, and it’s just as easy as it sounds. You can create corsages like this one, or arrange flowers in any vase (there are a lot of us who are challenged when it comes to arranging flowers!).

Diy Bangle

I don’t like pink,but I like this bangle!

At one of those rare moments when people were not swarming this table, I was able to squeeze in to the first available chair, where I met and spoke with Laura Crofton from DiyBangles.

She was kind enough to answer all of my questions as I had fun painting and decorating this unfinished, wood bangle bracelet.

It was so easy to do and I keep thinking about the many types of images I can draw, paint or transfer to a wooden bangle.

My PicOk, can you guess what this is? Step away from the monitor and look again. That’s it…a little further back…

Have you guessed? It’s  my picture! Believe it or not, I was at the PhotoPearls booth for about an hour to do this!

It took about two minutes for them to take my picture, upload it and then create a pixel image that was translated into a paper full of different numbers! The rest of the time I was at a table picking the right number beads, placing them in a plastic peg square and watched as my face slowly came into view.

Then, the people from PhotoPearls added a sheet of adhesive, a carton backing and voila! It was time-consuming, but a lot of fun. Check out their site for a picture of a giant Obama created out of photo pearls.

Aside from the fun of the “make it and take its”, I also bought an Ott Lite for a ridiculously low price (yay!), a photo pearls home kit, and Deborah Norville yarns and scarves. Freebies include knitting needles, crochet hooks, patterns and magazines.

One more goodie:

Scrapblog: Ok, like I said before, I am not a fan of spending hundreds of dollars to create a scrapbook. So when I found the Scrapblog booth in CHA and met Nick and Rebecca, I was floored. I can’t believe I had never heard of this before. Scrapblog is a place where you can digitally create a scrapbook filled with as many pictures as you want…FOR FREE. If you want to buy it, the cost is about $35. If you’ve tried to create a scrapbook before, you know this is worth it!

If you missed the opportunity to attend this craft show, mark your calendars for next year, especially if you like scrapbooking!


4 Responses to Craft Supershow, 2009

  1. Andrea says:

    I also attended the show. Had a great time, you are right about the scrapbooking. I was most impressed to see what the creator has done w/her Perler Beads, I met her 20 some years ago and am so impressed at where she is now!! This totally blew me away. The phrase “You’ve come a long way Baby” sure is appropriate here!!

  2. MC says:

    That bangle looks awesome! Even without the glossy sealer. I have so many ideas for bangles. It’s a pity I can’t find them for sale at a wholesale price.

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