Science Verse, by Jon Scieszka and Ill. Lane Smith

Rating: 5/5

Rating: 5/5

Awards: 2005 Picture Book Award

This is one of those books that I wish had been around for my childhood. While I have always liked Science classes, some of the more boring topics would have been much more interesting with these poems…(There is another book written by this pair I also wished had been around for my battle with math, called “Math Curse”. It’s just as good!)

In this picture book for ages 4-8, we read about a little boy who has been cursed by his science teacher to hear everything as a science poem.

The poems are funny, sometimes gross and always educational. All images are lively, sometimes darkly humorous and always fun.

The themes of the poems range from the planets to human liver and will certainly encourage boys to keep reading the pages. Readers will see the relevance of science in every aspect of their lives, even when going to bed:

“Good night, sleep tight,
Don’t let the bedbug,
Tick, or louse
Suck blood from you,
Hatch its eggs,
And then develop the larvae on you

…all right?”

Though it’s supposed to be for readers 4-8 years old, everyone can enjoy these science poems.
Have you read Science Verse? “Good Night” is one of my favorite poems from this book. What’s yours?
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